Personal Care / Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are other very absorbent and convenient options for those facing incontinence. This item has a tendency to work better for people taking care of someone else. Their simple reusable strips make it easier to place them on a loved one with the correct comfort. We ensure options that work for almost everybody. For more safety and extra improvement of permeability, a supporter pad may be positioned inside a diaper with tabs

Adult Diapers


Non woven fabric: keep body surface dry and natural.
Super absorbent core: fluff pulp + SAP.
Blue ADL: blue Acquisition Distribution Layer can absorb and distribute liquid quickly, and effect prevent from rewet.
PE film backsheet: particular surface performance to ensure smooth and gentle touch feeling.
PP frontal tape: adjustable for fastening and re-fastening with lovely patterns.
Wetness indictor: Pattern fades out when diaper is wet tell you the exact time to change.
3D leak guard: protect from leaking.
Topsheet: Thermal boned hydrophilic N.W
Absorbent Core: fluff pulp mixed with sap wrapped by tissue paper+blue ADL.
Fluff pulp: Weyerhaeuser Fluff Pulp .
BLD, SAN-DIA, SUMITOMO, BASF etc. as request
Blue ADL: Blue core
Backsheet: Printing colorful pattern PE film backsheet with Wetness Indicator Frontal&side tapes: frontal tape with refastenable adhesive tape
Leakguard: SMS Hydrophobic Non-woven anti-leakage
M – L – XL 
Length*Width (mm)
800*650, 960*750, 990*800
Total Weight (g)
83±4, 93±4, 100±4
S.A.P Weight (g)
7.5, 8, 9
Absorbency Weight (ml)
900, 1100, 1300
Package Pcs/bag/ctn