Sport / Professional Protect

Compress Series

S3076 Palm

S3066 Wrist




Measure Around:

Wrist (Also for palm): S-M 16-20 L-XL 21-25

Banda Series

S3025 Knee

S3045 Ankle

S3055 Elbow

S3065 Wrist




Dual Neoprene Series

S3095 Waist (Breath Neoprene)

S3094 Waist (Neoprene)



Measure Around:

Waist: S-M 70-100 L-XL 100-120

Brace Series

S3107 Palm Brace

  • Metal brace supply firm compression for wrist.
  • Acrylic take soft feeling for skin, extra PU cover on palm make support more durable.

S3112 Neoprene Knee Brace

  • 4mm neoprene and 4 metal brace supply very firm compression for patella.

  • Extra 2 confirm bands can provide better support to prevent pull to muscle.

  • Size same as the neoprene S2024.

S3139 Back Brace

  • High elastic bandage and 4 metal braces supply super firm compression back.

  • Special removable soft thick mat provides therapeutic body heat retention and more comfortable felling.











Measure Around:

Waist: S-M 70-95 L-XL 96-118

Spacial Series

S3011 Sponge Knee Pad

S3012 ArtificalWool Support

S3013 ArtificalWool Support (Adjustable)


Measure Around:

Knee: S-M 35-45 L-XL 46-52

Bamboo Carbon + Ge Series

S3604 Ankle

S3605 Elbow

S3602 Knee


S3601 Thigh

S3603 Shin

S3606 Wrist

S3607 Palm

Far Infared Ray (F.I.R.)

S3702 Knee

S3702 Thigh

S3703 Shin

S3704 Ankle

S3705 Elbow

S3706 Wrist

S3707 Palm